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I am a Midwest girl turned West Coast/Desert girl in 2015. I grew up in a small town in Indiana with a loving mom who worked very hard and long hours to provide for myself and my brother. We were not rich by any stretch of the word but I always knew that my mom and my family loved me just as I was. Having been assaulted as a child and as a 20 something, my life changed. I began to use alcohol as a medication. After my divorce, I chose to become celibate (not as difficult as I thought it would be).  I remained celibate for almost 10 years.  It wasn’t until I met my current husband that I felt what love was from someone other than my family.  Even though I was a high-functioning drinker it still caused a lot of problems. I turned to a 12 step program, worked with a sponsor  (still do), and gained friends in the program, and even though I relapsed twice before 90 days were up I found a purpose for myself. Even with the relapses and major doubts that I had what it took to stay sober or to be lovable, I have been sober ever since and I have found love, once again.


The Change!

I have been a Christian, a God-fearing woman, for many years and believe in second chances...and third, fourth and fifth chances. With God's help, I have forgiven the people who wronged me. I have forgiven myself for allowing myself to feel unworthy. Along the path of my life, I had so many unhealthy, toxic and abusive relationships that I lost myself, any self-respect, and dignity. I am currently married to a wonderful man, Jason, who has his demons to deal with but we love each other and we do our best to support each other. Breaking Chains was born out of the love that I learned to have for myself. The main purpose of Breaking Chains is to highlight, both, men and women who have been sexually assaulted, are in recovery or desire recovery, and who have turned themselves into SURVIVORS! I help out with a non-profit called PAVE. PAVE does a lot of good and gives great support and education to sexual assault SURVIVORS. Breaking Chains is a platform for anyone to tell their story, buy our products or simply find support.

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