When the Chance of a Lifetime Comes, Take It!

The following message was written to a co-worker of mine who blessed me way beyond belief.



I don't mean to bother you but I had to thank you one last time for allowing me to meet Joan.

Something that you will possibly never understand is that she is one of two reasons I'm still alive.

I won't get into details but in middle school, I was one of two biracial kids. The black kids didn't know what to do with me and most of the white kids didn't either. It wasn't until a small group of white kids accepted me for who I was and what I was... Different that I choose to embrace life and live.

There were a few Klan marches near my house and with the Klan and school issues, among other things that happened in my youth, I turned to metal and just adore Lita, love Metallica and Ozzy and AC/DC but the list goes on for days.

I am a metalhead and a biker who lives life and is still alive because of Joan and her music.

If ever given a chance to sit and talk to her and just tell her my story would be so important to me. I was working and had to keep it professional when I met her the other day.

I just wanted to share just how thankful I am to you and how important it was to just hug her neck.

My life has not been an easy one and to you, I will forever be thankful!

Be blessed."


The above message was sent to a co-worker that I worked with who knew that I love Joan Jett. This person was told a minimal portion of what I have gone through since I work with them and see no sense in letting people that I work with into my "real self".

The truth is, YES, Joan Jett is one big reason that I am still alive and able to blog. I not only went through Klan marches near my house, dealing with bullying, self-harm, and being hated by kids in school and even some parents but also, if you follow my blog know, molestation and rape as well.

I was very close to ending what little bit of life I had and because of Joan Jett and a lot of metal music I am still here on this earth and not under it.

Joan Jett, specifically, gave me tons of hope because I was a different kid in school. I had a very difficult time in school just fitting in and once I was embraced by a few kids I was on my way to healing.

I'm not saying that kids in school healed me because they didn't but I was being accepted for the first time in my life by someone outside of my family, which, even some family didn't want me either.

When I say that I am a survivor, I do not use those words loosely. I am a survivor and I have Joan Jett, whom I vowed, when I was in middle school, to meet one day. Yes, it took me 30+ years but it FINALLY happened!

When my co-worker texted me and told me where to meet them I was so nervous and literally checked my make-up and hair! (like any girl would, right!)

I walked in and saw Joan Jett sitting there. My heart dropped to my big loss too. I was at a loss for what to say to the one person I have embraced for so long. By the time I walked up to the table, I had no choice but to be myself...a little bi-racial, Harley-loving, Metal music dreaming kid who had been beaten up and made fun of for a lot of her younger years....seeing her idol...I could not tell her exactly how I felt about her (after all I was working and needed to keep it professional, right) nor could I tell her my story and tell her how she basically saved my life.

Well, this blog is pretty random and full of typos and a lot of tears but in the end, TODAY, none of that matters because I met my saving grace, the one that I had before my Savior and I am not ashamed.

I don't know if Joan will ever see this but in the event that she does, I need her to know that it is because of her that I was alive, kicking, and well to hug her neck and tell my story as a blogger.

I am not the best blogger that there is out there but I am one blessed blogger.

I thought about ending me many times while in middle school and high school and then I heard, "I LOVE ROCK N' ROLL" and "EVERYDAY PEOPLE"... guitar-slinging am everyday people and I do love rock and roll!

And so,

I am ending this typo-filled blog tonight with a full heart and love for life and people! All because of one little white metal rocking, guitar slinging, black hair chick who refused to give up.

Thank you, Joan!

You gave me life and a hug and I will never forget you or my dream coming true.

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